Radiator Replacement

Radiator with a Payback Replace your existing engine radiator with an ElectraTherm Power+ GeneratorTM and generate electricity from the engine cooling process that until now was just an expense and reduced horsepower. Offset capital costs: 20-30% of ORC project costs are avoided Use a single radiator to free up horsepower, cool the engine, and make new power Generate… [Continue Reading]

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Power+ Generator

Gulf Coast Green Energy (GCGE) is a distributor for ElectraTherm’s revolutionary small scale on-site waste heat to power generator known as the Power+ GeneratorTM.  GCGE serves as a distributor of this revolutionary renewable energy technology in the Gulf Coast states from Texas to Florida. GCGE holds the distinction of being the first company to install a Power+ GeneratorTM, which happens to be the… [Continue Reading]

What if you could produce your own energy?

Profitability & Sustainability

The Business Case for Waste Heat to Power Because our equipment is 20 year equipment, the Internal Rate of Return (IRR) is extremely attractive.  Our technology can generate base load power, turning a variable cost (electricity) into a fixed cost for 20 years.  In addition to helping companies be more profitable our technology also adds additional environmental responsibility… [Continue Reading]

Reduce your power cost

Why Heat to Power

Recycled Energy – Heat to Power According to the United States Department of Energy, there is more waste heat available in the United States than all other sources of renewable energy combined. Recycled energy is one of the world’s best sources for fuel-free, clean and inexpensive energy. Employed on a wide scale, recycled energy gleaned… [Continue Reading]

Reduce Industrial Exhaust