Carribean Waste Heat to Power Alliance


GCGE Announces new Caribbean Alliance

 Bay City, Texas-Gulf Coast Green Energy (GCGE), leader in waste heat to power (WHP) generation, announces that it has teamed up with Island Services Group, LLC (ISG). ISG is a Virgin Islands and Caribbean resource firm whose focus is to provide quality products and services to commercial, municipal, industrial and utility clients and users.  “We are pleased that ISG has agreed to represent GCGE in the Caribbean. Kimberly McCollum, ISG founder, is not only a talented electrical engineer, with a wealth of experience in the electrical and energy efficiency industry, she is well known throughout the Islands as a resourceful professional with great integrity” said Loy Sneary, GCGE President/CEO. “While touring potential sites in the V.I. for our WHP generators with Kimberly, it was immediately obvious that she has gained tremendous respect from business, industry, government, and civic organizations. She shares our values of honesty, integrity, and confidence, and we are fortunate to be Teamed up with her.”

 ISG recently announced that they now offer electrical contractor services. “This is a real benefit to GCGE because we will also be able to team up with ISG for the installations of our waste heat to power generators”, said Sneary. ISG has also recently gained VIenergize Services Network (VISN) certification. VISN is an emerging network of energy professionals and includes licensed engineers, architects, contractors and financiers who possess the skills and ethics necessary to implement quality cost-effective energy and water projects in the territory. “To be included in VISN is an honor because it means ISG meets the standards set by The Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority’s certification process,” said Kimberly McCollum, ISG founder. “The value of VISN for consumers is that they are now empowered by having an available network of qualified professionals from which to select the best provider to help them conserve energy and lower their utility bills,” said McCollum.

VISN was established in 2013 with assistance from the U.S. Department of the Interior whose mission is to provide consumers with resources which will assist in reducing their energy and water consumption.  The intent of VIenergize Services is to offer additional support to the clean energy strategy goal of meeting 60% of the territory’s energy needs through clean energy by 2025.

For more information about GCGE in the Caribbean, contact:

Kimberly M. McCollum, BSEE                            or                                 Loy Sneary, President/CEO

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