Industrial Applications


Gulf Coast Green Energy is a pioneer in the implementation of waste heat to power technology.  We have successfully implemented the Power+ GeneratorTM waste heat to power generators in a wide variety of industrial applications.  A brief synopsis of possible sources of waste heat is included here.  Click the hyperlinked words for more details about how our technology can be used in various scenarios and visit our WHP Projects page for specific examples of our waste heat to power generators in action.

GCGE’s Waste Heat to Power Technology Works With Other Technology

Internal Combustion Engines

GCGE technology captures jacket water, engine exhaust or a combination of both from stationary IC engines to generate additional power.

The ElectraTherm Power+ GeneratorTM can be applied to stationary engine heat recovery used for:

  • Gas compression
  • Pumping
  • Power generation
  • Cogeneration
  • Irrigation
  • Inert gas production


Our technology captures waste heat from biomass to create electrical power. The Power+ GeneratorTM connects to the system’s boiler to produce fuel free, emission free power.  If you are burning wood waste we can also employ the PG Fire Box burner technology from Air Burner Inc., for a highly efficient energy production set up.

Heat sources on a biomass application include:

  • Bio-Based Fuels
  • Landfill Waste
  • Wood Chips Boiler or PG Fire Box

Boilers or Process Waste Heat

Heat losses are unavoidable when operating fuel-fired furnaces, kilns, boilers, ovens or dryers.  When the energy or heat transfer reaches its practical limit on industrial processes, spent combustion gases are removed from the furnace via a flue or stack to make room for a fresh charge of hotter combustion gases.

In most fuel-fired heating systems, this waste heat is the biggest single energy loss in the process, often greater than all other losses combined. Our technology converts this heat into usable power or electricity which is a win for industry, the public sector and energy service companies.

Industrial processes that produce waste heat include:

  • Thermal oxidizers
  • Steam
  • Steam condensate
  • Incinerators
  • Fuel cells

Solar Thermal

We  can connect to existing processes or a solar farm to generate additional power.  The machine converts low temperature liquid heat from the solar thermal application into power.

Applications include:

  • Bottom Cycle
  • Direct Hot Liquid
  • Steam Condensate

Geothermal Sources

Regardless of the size of your project, we can meet your needs.  Until recently, small-scale, geothermal power generation has been inhibited by the relatively high cost of power plants.  Development has focused on units in the multi-megawatt range.  The Power+ GeneratorTM is now a viable solution for smaller projects offering low cost power.

Our emission-free power systems have been recognized as an innovative solution for geothermal applications by:

  • The Geothermal Energy Association
  • The Geothermal Resource Council

Examples of Industrial Applications of Waste Heat to Power Technology at Work