Public Sector Services


Gulf Coast Green Energy provides energy efficiency and optimization to the public sector by working closely with public agencies, municipalities, state, local and federal jurisdictions, state colleges and universities, the U.S. military and their energy services companies (ESCOs) on a variety of projects including waste water treatment plants, district heating and cooling (boilers and chillers), Combined Heat and Power (CHP) and other waste heat to power self electric generating projects.

Cost of power less than .04/kWhEnergy efficiency is the cornerstone of all sustainable energy strategies and there is an increasingly global need to implement energy efficiency projects on a widespread basis to reduce fossil fuel consumption, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce the number of power plants being brought on line, to reduce transmission and distribution line capacity constraints, and to capture the amount of electricity lost and wasted  as it travels the power lines.

Energy Service Companies (ESCO)

GCGE typically contracts with an Energy Services Company (ESCO) which provide “Energy Performance Contracts” (EPC) for waste heat to power (WHP) projects. GCGE’s Team has experience in Performance Contracting dating back to the beginning of EPC’s in Texas.

ESCOs are contractors that specialize in the development and delivery of programs that integrate design, scope development, construction, and performance verification services into a performance contract. Program improvements generate energy and operational savings (and in some cases can increase revenues), maximize energy efficiency, decrease life cycle.

ESCOs Spend $5B on Energy Efficiency

According to the National Association of Energy Services Companies (NASCO), “The ESCOs, contract with institutional energy users in the public and private sectors to provide cost-effective energy efficiency retrofits across a wide spectrum of client facilities, from college campuses to water treatment plants. Effectively utilizing a performance-based contract business model, ESCOs have implemented significant comprehensive energy efficiency retrofit projects over the last three decades. A recent Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory report estimates that ESCO investment in energy efficiency retrofit projects currently runs about $5 billion a year. Since 1990, ESCOs have delivered:

Power+ Generator at SMU

Power+ Generator at SMU

$45B in projects
$50B savings – guaranteed and verified
425,000 person-years of direct employment
$30 billion of infrastructure improvements
470 million tons of CO2 savings at no additional cost

ESCO – Your Waste Heat to Power Project Manager

Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) provide an experienced and effective delivery mechanism to provide the maximum amount of energy efficiency resources. Organizations can turn to ESCOs when considering the Power+ GeneratorTM waste heat to power (WHP) generators whether new construction or retrofit projects. The ESCO mitigates technical and performance risks, and provides a financial guarantee to project lenders that the energy savings generated will cover the debt service.

ESCOs, in essence, act as project developers as they integrate the project’s design, financing, installation and operational elements.  Project contract terms can range between seven and twenty years.

ESCOs have been implementing comprehensive energy efficiency retrofit projects over the last three decades and a recent Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory report estimates that ESCO investment in energy efficiency undertakings currently runs about $5 billion a year.

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