Methane Optimization


Optimize Methane and Reducing Flaring by Converting to the Power+ GeneratorTM for Oil & Gas, Landfill Gas and WWT (Gas) Methane Reduction Applications

Methane and VOC removal for oil and gas production, waste water treatment facilities, and  landfills (oil & gas flare gas, and entrained gas) can be very costly and require gas treatment and engines which are expensive to own and operate. Now there is a much more cost effective system which reduces emissions by 90%, CapX by 80 %, and significantly lowers O&M costs over the traditional means of getting rid of Methane and VOC’s. Eliminate Methane Flare The Power+ GeneratorTM ORC system burns gas easily without expensive treatment equipment in a low emission hot water generator which delivers hot water to the Power+ GeneratorTM which then produces emission-free electricity. This solution is a viable option because there is no gas treatment equipment required, no on site operators and no repair and replacement of gas removal equipment or Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) gensets.


When the Power+ GeneratorTM is deployed at O&G wells and facilities, waste water treatment plants with anaerobic digesters, and landfills, the capital cost can be reduced by 80% and emissions almost eliminated compared to burning the Methane in a genset. Until now, landfills and WWTP have typically reduced the methane they produce by either flaring or burning it in a genset.

Another attractive component of using the Power+ GeneratorTM over a traditional genset is that it has an average operational life of 20 years versus the 10 year average life of a genset. The emissions from the Power+ GeneratorTM solution are approx 90% less than for internal combustion engines (ICE) gensets.  This is a huge factor especially for non-attainment areas or for projects that want to reduce emissions of NOx, CO2, and CO.

Flare Conversion to Power+ GeneratorTM Compared to Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) Genset

  • Lower Capital Costs/Higher ROI: Power+ GeneratorTM cost is approx. 80% less than ICE and gas treatment equipment for the same amount of methane consumed
  • Lower Emissions : 50-85%+ reduction in NOx,  >90%+ reduction in VOC, >90% reduction in CO
  • Lower Maintenance : Approx. 80% reduction in maintenance costs
  • No Siloxane gas treatment required : tolerant of variable gas flow and low concentration methane (10%+)
  • No onsite operator required: 30 psi, 235°F boiler spec
  • Modular deployment to meet gas flow
  • Use boiler heat for digester as needed

Emission Comparison

Emissions with Equivalent Gas Consumption


Business Case for Methane Optimization

Until now, Methane reduction was just a cost of doing business for WWTP and landfills. Because state and federal regulations require Methane to be reduced to an acceptable level, WWTP and landfill either flare the Methane or burn it in a genset to make power. When it’s flared there is no beneficial use and when it’s burned in a genset the cost of the treating equipment, engine, generator, and all the maintenance and personnel that goes with it makes power generation a very costly venture not to mention all the headaches that go with operating the plant.

But with the Power+ GeneratorTM Methane Optimization solution, all of the gas treating equipment, engine, generator, switch gear, and 90% of the maintenance goes away! The chart below shows that over a 10 year period, a typical Methane burning genset will lose the facility nearly $4 million dollars after all the equipment is purchased and maintained (maintenance figures from Ameresco study, City of Sparks, NV)

However, when the Power+ GeneratorTM is used in conjunction with a low emission hot water generator the Methane is optimized by burning it in a low emission hot water generator which supplies the heat to the Power+ GeneratorTM for power production. While the Power+ GeneratorTM will not make nearly the amount of power as the genset, the facility will actually add to the bottom line profit rather than costing almost $4 million.

Methane Optimization ROI


Methane Emissions ROI

Here is How It Works

Water Treatment Plant Flare Heat

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