Matagorda County company reduces flare gas and emissions


The Bay City Tribune reported “Local company reduces flare gas and emissions” Dec 16, 2015:

Matagorda County’s Gulf Coast Green Energy (GCGE) is reducing oil and gas flaring and emissions from flaring.

GCGE teamed up with Hess Corp, the Houston Advanced Research Center (HARC), the Environmentally Friendly Drilling Program (EFD), Texas A&M, and ElectraTherm Inc., to test the ElectraTherm Power+ Generator flare reduction system, at a Hess oil well in North Dakota.

The project captures the natural gas that would otherwise be flared to generate low emission electricity and reduce or eliminate onsite flaring by using the Power+ Generator.

“We’re capturing an excess fuel source that was being flared to the atmosphere and putting that fuel to use in the oil field,” said one Hess engineer.

Bay City Tribune

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