Our Team


We at Gulf Coast Green Energy are committed to our customers, by adding to their bottom line and providing the means for economical electrical generation by converting waste heat to power.

Meet Our President/CEO:

Loy SnearyLoy E. Sneary – President/Chief Executive Officer (CEO) – Loy Sneary joined Gulf Coast Green Energy (GCGE) to head up the company in December, 2007.   He was so impressed with the commercial/environmental promise of the Power+ GeneratorTM and the opportunity to help companies convert waste heat to electricity, he left his successful fundraising and consulting practice so he could focus on leading GCGE full time.  A life-long farmer/rancher and successful businessman, Loy has always been an early adopter of innovative cost saving technologies.  His desire to create win-win situations is evident by the fact that he has spent much of his career at the nexus of industry and government, promoting economic development and improving the dialogue between community groups, business organizations, and government.  He has a distinguished history of public service and community involvement at the local, regional and national level including serving five years as the Matagorda County Judge and as a committee appointee for the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture.  “What we are doing at GCGE is so exciting because we are making it possible for commerce and environmental stewardship to intersect in a way that provides great cost savings for our clients.”

Sales Team:

Robin Dahlheim– Robin Dahlheim is a member of Gulf Coast Green Energy’s energy team. Dahlheim’s professional knowledge of the energy industry and her commitment to finding workable green and environmentally healthy energy solutions perfectly complement GCGE’s mission to get most value for the energy dollar while keeping an eye toward environmental responsibility. A native Texan Dalheim received her Bachelors of Science in Chemical Engineering from Texas A&M.  She worked for Dresser Titan in Houston as a research engineer and later became a fracture engineer.  Her experience also includes working for ICI Americas Tracerco Division, and has worked in almost every ICI chemical plant and refinery in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, conducting safety and compliance troubleshooting using radioisotopes. Dahlheim continued her career in the energy industry by accepting a position with Nalco Chemical Co. to design and build equipment skids, SCADA systems and size pumps for chemical injections in oil field, pipeline and off-shore applications. “I’m pleased to work with Gulf Coast Green Energy – it’s the perfect combination of using my experience in the energy industry and my current desire to provide energy solutions that meet environmental standards.”

Kimberly McCollum, President, Island Services Group (IGA). Kimberly has 30 years of industrial and commercial electrical engineering experience.  She spent 8 years on the Island of St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands managing and restructuring the island’s largest electrical supply house before starting her own firm, Island Services Group (ISG). She has 16 years’ experience in serving the Caribbean energy and electrical markets, including starting an electrical products representative firm. Prior to that, Kimberly spent 12 years in sales, marketing, business development and industrial automation marketing with Schneider Electric/Square D, Modicon, and  multiple integrators. Kimberly has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Clemson University, and has worked with Gulf Coast Green Energy as a sales development consultant since 2012.

Lee Angers – Lee Angers is a pipeline Right-of-Way Agent currently living and working in Texas.  She is a member of the International Right of Way Association, has a TREC license and has been in the industry since 2005.   Ms. Angers has always been interested in environmental and global issues.   Since she’s been in the oil & gas industry, she has been interested in alternative energy and its applications within the oil & gas industry.   She attended SMU’s Geothermal Energy Utilization Associated with Oil & Gas Development Conference in 2009 for her own personal growth and development.   Since then, she has attended meetings of the Texas Renewable Energy Industry Association (TREIA) and has stayed involved in the waste heat to power sector.  Ms. Angers is from Lafayette, Louisiana.  She graduated from USL in Lafayette with a B.A. degree.

Dr. Richard J. Erdlac, Jr. – Dr. Richard J. Erdlac, Jr. is an energy consultant in Midland, Texas with specialties in oil, gas, and geothermal development and joined the GCGE Team as a consultant in 2012. He has been a Research Scientist at the Center for Energy and Economic Diversification (CEED) and a Senior Lecturer at The University of Texas of the Permian Basin (UTPB). Presently Dr. Erdlac is conducting geologic consulting for oil and gas operators and land managers.  Dr. Erdlac has a B.S. in physics, and a M.S. and Ph.D. in structural geology. He has worked for the University of Texas Bureau of Economic Geology, Odessa College, Texas Tech University, and was a co-founder, Chair and Director of the West Texas Earth Resources Institute (WTERI).  Dr. Erdlac has conducted surface and subsurface mapping projects in the Gulf of Mexico, The Permian Basin, Guatemala, and various parts of the Trans-Pecos region. He has over 100 published articles and, abstracts.

Mark Kubecka –  Mark Kubecka spent four years as an environmental engineer with Environmental Resource Management in Houston, where he managed such projects as the Superfund groundwater treatment plant, landfill caps, underground storage tank removal and monitoring, asbestos assessment and removal, and Phase I and II environmental site assessments.  Kubecka’s knowledge and commitment to green energy production as well as his active involvement with the Texas business community makes him the perfect addition to the Bay City-based company.

Technical Team:

Chris VandenBergh – Vice President/Project Coordinator – VandenBergh is Gulf Coast Green Energy’s (GCGE) Chief Technician and Technical Manager. Since the formation of GCGE, VandenBergh has identified many innovative efficiencies for the equipment that GCGE distributes and services. VandenBergh’s background includes over 30 years of experience and proficiencies in all aspects of mechanical repair and related systems, including; the development of a research and design protocol for waste heat projects, including geothermal wells, coal-fired plants, and landfill locations.

John Engel – Chief Technician/Applications Engineer – John Engel is actively involved in the research and design process for all GCGE waste heat and Pressure Reduction projects, including geothermal wells, coal-fired plants, and landfill locations.  He was a key member of the installation team for the waste heat generators on the campuses of Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas and Middle East Technical University on Cyprus Island.  John has a wealth of practical mechanical and management experience that includes managing all functions of cotton ginning plant operations, customer and employ relations, property improvements and maintenance, finances, marketing, and problem solving.

Scott Hilburn – Technical Advisor for Special Projects – As one of the owners of GCGE, Scott Hilburn is involved in all aspects of the research and design process for Waste Heat and Pressure Reduction projects, including geothermal wells, coal-fired plants, and landfill locations.  He is also a member of the installation team for the Waste Heat Generator project on the campus of Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas.  Scott has extensive knowledge of a variety of mechanical work, including electrical systems (P.L.C. and P.C.), electric motors, large industrial machinery (installation, repair, maintenance, and operation), computer controls, and gear boxes.  He is also skilled in the fabrication and pipe fitting associated with the construction of buildings, platforms.  He is also proficient in hydraulics operations, maintenance, and repair.