Midstream Natural Gas Processor


Gulf Coast Green Energy and ElectraTherm teamed up with a Cleburne, Texas midstream gas processing plant to determine the feasibility of capturing the waste and converting it to on site power.  The study centered around heat from their five prime movers and the compressed processed gas.  The plant has a throughput of 124 MSQFD and consumes 1.7 MW/hr. of electricity.  The gas is compressed with 5 Cat 3516’s prime movers.  With the assistance of the plant’s engineers we determined that we can reduce the plants purchased power by 80% for a 17% IRR. This demonstration also proved that we can lower the cost of cooling compressed gas by 40-50%.

Throughput Gains of 10%+

Here’s how.

The Power+GeneratorTM:

1)     Generates electricity from the engine’s waste heat.

2)     Powers the radiator fans and gas cooling fans. Decouple engine cooling from the engine shaft and power both the engine and compressed gas cooling with ORC electricity to increase the available horsepower for compression.

3)     Drives more throughput. ORC power can be utilized to drive additional electric gas compression with the same fuel consumption and emissions levels.

4)     Enhances engine cooling. The ORC cooling effect on the jacket water circuit can increase the realized engine HP and decrease the amount of engine de-rate at high ambient temperatures.

Capturing waste heat in compressor room

Capturing waste heat in compressor room.


Cost of Power   IRR

  • $.075/kW:        17%
  • $.10/kW:           23%
  • $.12/kW:           27%

80% reduction in total plant purchased power.

Tons/yr. CO2 offset: 8426 T


  • Processing capacity:    125 MMSCFD
  • Total plant electrical consumption:      1.7 MW
  • Waste heat sources:     5 Cat 3616, jacket water only + 2nd and 3rd stage gas cooling
  • Power generated by Power+ H2P waste heat generators:          1 MW
  • Offset in existing cooling electrical load:         350 kW
  • Total effective power generated from Power+ H2P generator:   1.35 MW

80% Reduction in Total Plant Purchased Power

The above installation assumes heat recovery on all 5 CAT 3516 units.