Emission Free Power at the Wellhead


Mississippi Oilfield: Home to Innovative Lower-Temp Geothermal Energy Production

Gulf Coast Green Energy installed an ElectraTherm Power+ GeneratorTM in Mississippi on a oil producing well as a part of a demonstration project made possible by the contribution of the well by Denbury, known in the O&G industry for their leadership in new and cutting edge technologies, and the Research Partnership to Secure Energy for America (R.P.S.E.A.), premier oil and gas industry researchers who matched GCGE with the dollars for the demonstration project.

The hot “produced water” or waste heat that comes with the oil  is separated and directed to the Power+ GeneratorTM which produces power to offset the power used to dispose of the produced water.

Power+ Generator Installation


Gross Power Output: 19kW

Total Installation Time: 50 hrs

Thermal Heat Input: 500kWt

Hot Water Input Range: 204°F

Hot Water Flow: 120 GPM

Ambient Temp Range:  60-105°F


The Power+ GeneratorTM is producing fuel-free, emission-free power at a Mississippi oil field, generating geothermal energy from the hot waste water that oil and gas producers consider a nuisance.  This project is one of 13 Power+ GeneratorsTM installations currently operating internationally.

We are offsetting electric consumption on the site with power generated from hot water. Although such a solution has been talked about for a long time,  this is the first time it’s really been done with a modular solution, installed in 50 hours and with the entire system mounted to a tractor-trailer skid.

“GCGE deployed the Power+ at Denbury to connect and generate electricity seamlessly, and we are excited with the results – 50 hours installation time is a great accomplishment for the first time,” said John Fox, CEO of ElectraTherm. “The ongoing operational lessons we learn from this demonstration will benefit future installations with higher performance capabilities.”

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