Waste-Heat Generator at SMU


During the summer of 2008, Gulf Coast Green Energy (GCGE) became the first company to install a small-scale (producing up to 65kWh) commercial waste heat generator.  We did so on the campus of Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas using the ElectraTherm Power+ GeneratorTM.  Popular Science was so impressed with the compact unit connected to a boiler in the University’s Central Plant that editors named the generator one of the top technology innovations of 2008.

Combined heat & power

The Power+ makes electricity from geothermal heat or industrial heat that in the past would be wasted.  It uses minimal heat to generate fuel-free, emissions-free electricity at low coast.

Testing of the Power+ GeneratorTM installed at Southern Methodist University exceeded expectations, reaching output well beyond its then 50kW rating.  We firmly believe that the result generated at this demonstration facility have important implication for many industries.

As fuel costs increase, the search for viable alternative fuel sources has become more intense than ever.  We are grateful to SMU for their commitment and allowing us to install and demonstrate this cutting edge technology.

Companies whose energy usage produces waste heat or pressure drops in the oil and gas industry are prime candidates for the Power+  waste heat generator.

“The result is a green energy, emissions free solution that enhances the bottom line.”

ElectraTherm’s innovative design was recognized at the 2007 Geothermal Energy Association Trade Show, the largest international event for the geothermal industry, where it received “Best of Show” honors.