Gulf Coast Green Energy is a pioneer in the waste heat to power generation market for small (65-110KW) generators.  The Power+ GeneratorTM made by ElectraTherm, Inc. has been our primary product.   As a result of our success implementing this cutting edge technology, we have expanded our product line to include the PG Fire Box, an environmentally friendly vegetative waster burner also known as air curtain burners. The PG Fire Box can be purchased alone or coupled with the Power+ GeneratorTM.  The benefit of marrying these two green energy technologies is that the operator has a cost effective way to dispose of wood waste and generate emission-free energy.

Our product lines combine traditional components with patented, cutting-edge technologies to create electricity from waste heat.  We are proud to say that the Power+ GeneratorTM and the PG FireBox Systems are unmatched in the industry in their respective categories for their low-cost, low-temperature, fuel-free, emission-free power systems. Our systems are/have:

  • The lowest heat requirements in the industry
  • Flexible and scalable options
  • The lowest operation & maintenance requirements in the industry
  • Fuel free, emissions free solutions
  • Modular and mobile
Power+ GeneratorTM  Air Burners FireBox
Power+ Generator FireBox


GCGE’s equipment is “tried and true,” and is currently being used in working industrial environments, producing real cost savings for industrial and commercial companies worldwide.