Solar Thermal


GCGE installed the first ElectraTherm Power+ GeneratorTM on a solar thermal array, and this one is on the Island of Cyprus campus for the Middle Eastern Technical University Cyprus campus.  This innovative project uses waste water from the campus waste water treatment facility that is heated in the Solitem solar thermal array and then delivered to the Power+ GeneratorTM to make power that is used on campus.  We are also set to install our waste heat generators on the campuses of University of South Florida, and the University of Louisiana, La Feyette where we will connect to a Sopogy solar thermal farm to generate additional power for the campuses.  We are also a fit by bottoming cycling on solar thermal heating and cooling projects using the direct hot liquid, or steam condensate.

The good news for our customers is that the solar thermal projects qualifies for a 30% Investment Tax Credit from the IRS, further reducing the project cost.